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Driving School in the centre of Budapest. International driving courses

The next course starts


February 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 11 - 12 - 13

5.30p.m - 8.40p.m


After the next following course date:

March 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 25 - 26 - 27

5.30p.m - 8.40p.m

Our school provide 20% discount for students from theory course fee.

As an international driving school we offer courses in English and exams for non - native speakers.

- Identity card or passport.
- Filled in application form (received at the office)
- Half of the theoretical education tuition fee: 25.000 HUF
- Medical certificate from your doctor (approximately:7.000 HUF)
- Address card.
- You need to have the original certificate of your elementary or high school diploma and the traslation into Hungarian.
(Translator office address: OFFI 1062 Budapest Bajza utca 52. Phone:061-428-9600)
If you are a student in Hungary the certificate from your school is also good to certify your elementary education.
Ask it in hungarian language and you can spare the translation fee.
- You must pay the fee of the theoretical exam 4.600 HUF
- First aid card
- Your exams certificate from the exam authority
- Registration card
- Medical certificate from your doctor


General knowledge of traffic, car mechanics, driving theory.

The exam:

- You can choose the computer test exam (4.600 HUF)

- Or take the oral exam in the language of your country (6.000 HUF)

An official interpreter has to be present at the orally theoretical exam. (at extra costs.)

II. DRIVING PRACTICE (2x50 minutes/session)

According to Hungarian laws you required to complete 29 lessons of road driving

(+ 1 hour of driving exam).

You must take a practical exam:

- Traffic exam (60 minutes)

- You can take the exam if: you are over 17

- You can meet the teacher at the place you agreed about previously.

(This place is nearby of the exam area.)


You can see the prices below:

Theoretical education fee: 50.000 HUF (20% discount for students)

Traffic rules and test questions practice book Free

Driving practice lessons: 29 x 6.000 HUF/session Total: 174.000 HUF

4.600 HUF for the theoretical exam

11.000 HUF for the practical exam

You can take extra lessons if necessary for a successful practical exam for 4.800 HUF/session.

Total cost: 239.600 HUF/ (students/229.600 HUF)

On demand the students can ask for a quick start and intensive driving lessons. (three times/week or more)

In case an extra charge is needed to be paid for 500.-HUF/session. (6.500 HUF/session)

Other additional fees:

- 10,000 HUF - First Aid course training (organized by our school, optional)

- 7,900 HUF - First Aid exam fee

- Medical certificate (District family doctor or school doctor is acceptable).

The fee is can be different depends for doctor.

(The First Aid exam is a condition for issuing a driving license!

Notice: If any personal data changes, the student is required to notify the school within 8 days. The student must take the Highway exam within nine months from the start of the course, and must take a successful Highway exam within one year from the start of the course.

And with in two years from the successful Highway exam you must take a successful Practical exam, otherwise the previous exams will get lost, and you will be required to start the course from the beginning.

Do you have a driving licence?

You can also take extradriving lessons in English

Driving lessons on MANUAL CAR (in English)
Prices on weekdays: 1 occassion = 2 session
1 session = 50 minutes 
1 occassion = 6000 HUF/session   (12000 HUF)
2 occassion = 6000 HUF/session   (24000 HUF)
3 occassion = 6000 HUF/session   (36000 HUF)
4 occassion = 6000 HUF/session   (48000 HUF)
5 occassion = 6000 HUF/session   (60000 HUF)
Before 8:00 am and after 6:00 pm and at weekends and holidays extra charge need to pay 500 HUF/session
(6.500 HUF/session).
Driving lessons on AUTOMATIC CAR (in English)
Prices on weekdays: 1 occassion = 2 session
1 session = 50 minutes 
1 occassion = 7000 HUF/session   (14000 HUF)
2 occassion = 7000 HUF/session   (28000 HUF)
3 occassion = 7000 HUF/session   (42000 HUF)
4 occassion = 7000 HUF/session   (56000 HUF)
5 occassion = 7000 HUF/session   (70000 HUF)

You can pay by: Bank transfer, Cash, Credit card.

The program includes driving on:
peaceful side road,

busy major road in the downtown

busy secondary road in the downtown

parking in parallel parkin place,

parking in perpendicular parkin place,

driving on up hill,

driving on motorway,

driving in a parking lot under a supermarket.

If you have questions please contact me: +36-70-509-9431

or in person in the office every day from 1:00 Pm - 5:00 Pm

and Friday from 3:00 Pm - 7:00 Pm.







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