Theoretical education fee:

50.000 HUF (20% discount for students)

Traffic rules and test questions practice book


Driving practice lessons    29 x 6.500 HUF/session

188.500 HUF


  4.600 HUF for the theoretical exam

11.000 HUF for the practical exam

Total cost: 254.100 HUF (students/244.100)

You can take extra lessons if necessary for a successful practical exam for 6.000 HUF/session.

Other additional fees:

- 10,000 HUF - First Aid course training (organized by our school, optional)

- 8,200 HUF - First Aid exam fee

- Medical certificate (District family doctor or school doctor is acceptable).

The fee is can be different depends for doctor.

(The First Aid exam is a condition for issuing a driving license!

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